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Can you have sex? It is a documentary called. This time we will pick you up in Akihabara! Hina-chan (22 years old / voice actor's egg) who came to Tokyo from Yamagata for a voice actor audition The crunchy Yamagata dialect is cute ♪ Dialect girl! Can you say the lines in standard language well in the audition? By the way, it's an adult sub-channel! Masturbation is about twice a week, most recently yesterday! I have a boyfriend, but I haven't had sex! He seems to be too busy to meet him. The reason is that my boyfriend is the Self-Defense Forces! It seems that he was enlisted in the Army since he was in high school. It's amazing. My first experience was with a partner who was two years older when I was 14 years old. The number of experienced people is about 5. My boyfriend now seems to be the best (because it's a big cock) しれっとセックスできるのか?というドキュメンタリーです。今回は秋葉原にてナンパを決行!声優のオーディションで山形から上京してきたひなちゃん(22歳/声優の卵)バリバリの山形弁がカワイイ♪方言女子!オーディションでうまく標準語でセリフが言えるのか?はさて置きアダルトなサブチャンネルです!オナニーは週に2回くらいのペースで直近は一昨日!彼氏はいるけどエッチはご無沙汰!忙しくて会えてないそうです。理由はなんと彼氏が自衛隊!高校の時からお付き合いして陸軍に入隊されたそうです。スゴイですね。初体験は14歳の時に2つ年上のお相手と。経験人数は5人くらい。今の彼氏さんが一番(デカチンだから)いいみたいです